Tuesday 8 April 2014

Top 5 Toys - Matty Boombatty

Matt Walls is a toy designer based in Brisbane, known for his ION Men series of interchangeable parts sofubi figures. Check out his A.O.I. Blog here! And now onto the Top 5!

5) S7 Mummy Gator

"All I collect now is flesh M1GO and Mummy Gators, I'm rich now because I don't blow ALL my dosh on toys because both of these come out once in a blue moon, HUZZAH!"

4) Rowlf the Dog 1980 Puppet

"My friend gave me this dirty, dirty Rowlf early last year. He has a huge tear up his back and I keep my stash in it. The cops NEVER look in there....well, they probably will now....they won't find anything because I just made that up. How cool is this though? Better than a stupid 1982 Chewbacca plush, pfffttt."

3) Marusan Michael Jackson

"I have NO IDEA how or why I own this but it's super weird and creepy. LOVE IT. I'm going to get the Werecat version when I'm in Japan so when chicks visit my house they can continue to tell me how f***ed it is I have this."

2) Shogun Warriors Daimos

"Do you know how hard it is to get this in Australia!? 20 years it took me...and then last year I got it for US$25 off Ebay from a 0 lister because no one else would deal with him. GOLD! His fist cost 6X that much alone. I actually love the Garada behind him just as much but THIS guy shoots giant colorful balls and what real man doesn't want a robot that shoots giant colorful balls out of a giant rod in its fist?"

1) M1GO Godzilla 1973

"The first M1 toy I bought and as soon as I got it I knew that flesh toys were my thing, my kinky, kinky flesh addiction. He's super goofy and he looks happy where the painted ones look like they want to eat your face. I have every flesh toy made by M1. Flesh is the new black."

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